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List of Services Courtesy Car Available

Porsche & BMW Specialists.
All Services Apply to: Cars, Motorbikes & Light Commercial.

Racing Engine Specialists
Crankshaft Balancing up to 100,000 revs
Full Engine Assembly Balancing
Engine Parts Design to Better any Specification
Racing Pistons
Racing Conrods
Racing Camshafts
Racing Crankshafts
Engine Parts Lightened for Racing Specifications
Heat Proof Coatings
Cam & Cam Follower Upgrades
Big Valve & Port Conversions
Electronic Engine Management fitted, Upgrades
Rolling Road Analysis
Turbos & Superchargers fitted
Emissions Control & Corrections
Full Engine Upgrades - Reconditioning
Lightweight Racing Sub-Frames
Transmission Upgrades
Electronic, Short Throw, Paddle Shifters
Servicing incl. Cam-Belts
Brake Specialists
Short Ratio Steering
Manufacture of Obsolete Parts
Dash Modifications - Monitors - Dials
Meteor Blasting - (Sand Blasting using Specialist Substances)
Chemical Cleaning
Steam Cleaning
Hand Carwash & Valeting
Accident Repairs
Custom & Other Body Kits Fitted
Kevlar & Carbon Fibre Components
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Custom Exhausts Manufactured, Fitted, & Repairs
Lowering Suspension - Manufacturer or Custom
Tyre Fitting up to 26
Alloy Wheels - Free Fitting
Brake System Upgrades
Sub-Boxes & Custom Stereos
Roll Cages built to Design & Purpose
Powder Coatings
House of Kolor (Two & Three Tone Flip, Glitter, & Kandy)
Chip & Buff Facility
Under-Body Coatings
Chassis Repairs & Restorations
Custom Interiors incl. Leather
Window Tinting

Finance Available